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Sprinkles and Showers… 2 baby girls coming soon!.

Baby Showers and Sprinkles!We are getting more and more excited to meet our new baby girls, expecting to arrive within days of each other! This is such a joyful and special time in the lives of both of our families, and we have been so blessed to be able to share this journey with each other! Side by side, we have experienced not only our second pregnancies, but the difficulties that go along with caring for two-year olds while pregnant. We have been able to support each other, and listen to each other during the tougher days as well as the wonderfully special days. We were even able to assist in throwing each other small baby showers and sprinkles to celebrate this joyous occasion with friends and loved ones! Both days meant so much to the both of us and will be remembered forever!

Read about Danielle’s Shower here and Alia’s Sprinkle here.

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