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Summer Time with SwimZip

When there are more swimsuits and beach towels in the laundry then regular clothes you know its summertime and you are doing summer right! Summer with toddlers is all about water play and popsicles in our homes and we love every second!

Swimzip styleAlthough school starts for our biggest littles in just 2 weeks summer time is far from over, here in California! We can’t even think about wearing sweaters until late November if we’re lucky. So we’re celebrating the heat with these adorable swimsuits from SwimZip.

Shayne and Kenzie

Piper and Kotlon



All of SwimZip’s suits are UPF 50+ UV sun protection and many come with long sleeves saving you time while applying sunblock. Definite parenting win there! While our girls love putting on their own sunblock, they aren’t exactly good at it and Kolton isn’t the biggest fan of it all together.


P&KKolton popsiclethree girlstounges 2

We hope you enjoy the last days of summer with your littles! And don’t forget, just because schools back in season doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop! It’ll be beach weather for another 2 months at least! Go splash in the waves or put your toes in the pool.

K&S chatting

SwimZip has been so generous and is offering one lucky winner a $50 gift card to spend on to enter comment below your favorite thing about summer and head over to our Instagram page for another chance to win!  Good luck!!




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  1. How adorable are these little suits! I love the vibrant colors and the zips seem easy to get your little ones in and out…major plus!!!

    Nicole /

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