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5 Quick Tips For Road Trips with Toddlers


Summer don’t go!!! Piper starts Transitional Kindergarten on Monday, which might as well be Kindergarten, it is at the elementary school and from 8:40am-3:05pm (!!!)…such a long day for a little girl. But who am I kidding, she is going to LOVE it and I’m going to be the one crying in the corner, missing my cutie.

2017-08-08 16.20.08

Before summer break officially comes to an end our family is taking a road trip up to the mountains and I thought I’d share some of our road trip essentials with you!

Hint, hint: the key to toddler happiness while trapped in the car is definitely food.

  1. If possible plan to take off around nap time or bed time if your littles are done with napping. If the kids can sleep it makes things so much easier!
  2. Pack all the heathy snacks! Too much sugar might make them go wild, at least mine would! My girls both love Dannon ® Danimals® Yogurt Smoothies we stick a straw in the lid so they don’t spill them. They make the perfect road trippin’ snack. Make sure to pack these up with a cooler filled with lots of ice because they do need to be refrigerated. 2017-08-09 11.16.53
  3. Bring toys and coloring pads in the car for entertainment. But note the crayons well melt and markers will get messy. We opt for colored pencils.
  4. Be prepared to stop often for potty breaks and energy release if your driving a long distance. We try to push through as long as possible but with 2 young girls there are always unexpected stops!
  5. If you sign your heart out, tell jokes or stories and laugh out loud the drive time seems to go faster when everyone is having fun! SO do it!

Piper & Kenzie

Enjoy the rest of your summer break! We definitely plan to make the best of it!


P.S. Piper and Kenzie made their very own commercial for Danimals Yogurt Smoothies. It was all Piper’s idea! Take a look!

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