2 blonde mamas

Alia Sullivan (Ali) grew up in Los Gatos, CA; where she attended high school, and met and began dating her now husband Patrick. Ali attended the Academy of Art University where she received a degree in fashion design. With her eye for fashion and her knack for graphic design, Ali decided to take the opportunity to document her trials, tribulations and the many joys of parenting alongside her good friend Danielle. Ali is a mother to Piper, a wife to Patrick and a friend to everyone she meets.

Danielle Wahlstrom was also raised in Los Gatos, where she met her husband, Curtis. She has a background in marketing and journalism, which she studied at the University of Arizona, but after searching for many years to find her true passion in life, she finally discovered it after the birth of her son Kolton. Now the greatest title on her resume is “Mother and Wife”. These are two passions that she wants to share with anyone who wants to listen.

The Sullivans and the Wahlstroms have become close in both life experiences, similar interests and their love for family, traveling, cooking, and creating happy and loving homes. Now, each with a new baby girl on the way, due only days apart, they are so thrilled to share their journeys.


If interested in collaborating, sponsorship or you have any questions or inquiries Contact us! 2blondemamas@gmail.com


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