By Danielle

Special Friends

Ali and I believe that friendships are so important at a very young age. Lucky for us, Kolton and Piper were born only one month apart, and as their mamas, we were able to create a very special friendship for them!



Piper, one month Kolton’s senior, sometimes has to show him the ropes. When put together, they are able to learn a lot from each other. They try different foods, play with new toys and most importantly learn to problem solve and share. Piper loves to give Kolton hugs and kisses, and Kolton loves to give her his favorite toys and snacks. It really is the cutest thing to watch. Ali and I just sit back with a glass of wine sometimes and watch their friendship grow.

IMG_0226 IMG_2805 IMG_1979

We look forward to sharing their many stages of friendship with you.


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