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“Fluttering” for Pediatric Cancer Awareness

September is ‘Childhood Cancer Awareness Month’, although every month should be dedicated to such an important cause in my opinion.

A very close friend of mine chose to join a fundraiser to raise money and awareness for a beautiful organization called Unravel. Unravel is a 501(c)3 pending organization formed to raise awareness about the lack of funding for pediatric cancer research. They empower individuals to take action in their own communities so they can fight for change by raising funds and awareness to unravel pediatric cancer.

To my surprise, my friend, her husband and their two children chose to come to our house and “Flutter” us! It was a very special thing for Kolton to see and for us as well. They placed several dragonflies on our front lawn with a sign and and information packet attached explaining not only the cause, but the personal reason they chose this charity. As a mother, this has really hit close to home. Not only was this such a fun activity to involve the kids in, but the beauty behind it goes so much deeper.


Zane, Ava and Kolton

Some of the facts I read about pediatric cancer were both surprising and heart-breaking:

  • 46 children a day are diagnosed with pediatric cancer
  • 7 children a day die from pediatric cancer
  • Less than 4% of the NIH cancer research budget goes towards pediatric cancer
  • More American children die of cancer than of AIDS, asthma, cystic fibrosis, diabetes and congenital abnormalities combined.
  • In the past 20 years, only two new cancer drugs have been specifically approved for pediatric use, both for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. By contrast, in one year (2012), a total of 23 drugs were approved for adults.
  • Average age for a child diagnosed with cancer is 6. For breast cancer, it’s 61, and for prostate cancer, it’s 63. Average number of years lost for the adults that die is 15 years… for the children that die, it’s 69 years.
  • The American Cancer Society only gives one cent of every dollar raised for pediatric cancer.

Please check out their website and help raise awareness for Pediatric Cancer. We should all be so lucky to get “Fluttered”

To donate through my friend Cathy directly:

Unravel website:

Unravel Home Page

Happy Fluttering 🙂


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