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Painting Pumpkins

We are learning that Halloween can be a tricky holiday with a toddler. Walking into Walgreens or Safeway when the display suddenly goes off always frightens Piper and Kolton. We are trying to find ways to keep them excited about Halloween, rather than terrifying them.


halloween-23Carving pumpkins is one of our favorite Halloween traditions, the kids aren’t old enough for carving but painting is perfect!  Painting pumpkins is an easy, fun craft for any child. Well, maybe any child over one year. 🙂     halloween-15halloween-17

We found some cute oversized t-shirts for them to wear so they could get as messy as they wanted to. This helped to bring out their creativity and the fun orange color was perfect for the occasion. Piper and Kolton had a blast painting, pouring glitter and sticking stickers on some mini pumpkins. They were very proud of their work! It was a fun way to start the fall season and get ready for Halloween!

pumpkin craft

halloween-24 halloween-25 halloween-27 halloween-28 halloween-26




The final product

Xo- Alia & Danielle

Photos by our favorite!  Jaime Hearts Photography Go check out the rest of her work 🙂

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