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Piper’s TWO!!!

It feels like I blinked my eyes and my little girl turned TWO! These last two years have been the best years of my life. Watching Piper grow and learn have been the most amazing journey. She melts my heart daily.  In my opinion she is the most amazing person in the world. Of course I’m bias but I can’t help bragging, Piper is the sweetest, smartest, most energetic, excitable two year old I’ve ever met and she’s my daughter. I’m so lucky and blessed to have such a precious little girl.

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At two Piper can say more words then I can count, she speaks nonstop and in complete sentences. She can count to eleven, knows her colors and can even spell her name. She loves to make believe, play kitchen, color, paint, give hugs, and help me cook. I love everything about her 🙂 I am looking forward to continue helping her learn and watching her grow.

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Sprinkles with breakfast 🙂

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Next thing to master, the tricycle…

   Happy birthday peanut! You amaze me! 

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Make a Wish!

Xoxo- Alia (Mommy)

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