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Showering baby Sullivan, a Vintage Baby Shower

I had the honor of helping throw my sister-in-law, Juliana a baby shower last weekend. I had an enormous amount of help from my sister-in-law Meaghan and cousin-in-law (if that’s a thing) Katie. Juliana is expecting her first child, a baby girl, on or around Christmas Eve. I am thrilled for her and her husband! Being a mother is the most rewarding thing in the world! Juliana and Shaun are going to be amazing parents. I’m looking forward to being an Auntie again and Piper is so excited to have another cousin!

baby shower

Meg, Juliana, Me, Katie

We chose to do a vintage theme and had the shower in Meaghan’s beautiful backyard surrounded by apricot orchards in Hollister, CA. The weather was surprisingly hot for a late October day. Everything turned out beautifully. shower invite Jc2ETpg7m-UpZ3vZL3mC_BEgpAi3u-y7tnhhxFZ7CMA,qdVHs-A44wBZV0Nlm2iNFroAs1xuAc-fg1drPQceaf0,WaTsk-l2fWoTnjGoHKTXyo2yh636mv1UwOZnR3yDb0AN8jUWK9oNq6dqFPKEVnArHavw8Yn8nV54Vj3drXXRmg,Ryt0brZ7cfkTHan-pX1ZSMAuHbvP7COTaJsEh8_GklU,sV2mT0ym_XCYazBBa36URpjMWn6B2S1Kb51qCwzF51olmMLui4ab2JzhUYMNc9N1OijhvELyTT48V3o-mNmrPs,E7xvauwO9PidZKJPk20ATfQdG5_UEaY37C1yUeTMx9Q,mw6rHQ2pdnKN7EirtDjwR5eevMUyMWT8w8gSOV1RG-c We used an assortment of vintage plates from great grandmothers to great aunts and adorned each place setting with a lavender wand. Find out how to make lavender wands here.  Lunch was simple yet delicious; salads, wraps, fruit, cheese and crackers. It was perfect for a hot day. Add a bucket of ice with fruity drinks and wine and we were all set for a beautiful outdoor party. cheesebaby shower lunchLunch Y1j2KBkji6mDVx3BAOHQfwh6abjPdHRMoJGOekAn-bc,nKP2eRL01-gaiG_KAKSAq1saIgMzZ8fkCI9A4VNSjag   Meaghan found an adorable old hutch to set gifts on, creating a decorative display that added a fun element to the shower. We had everyone bring a children’s book in lieu of a card for the baby. I love the idea of helping the little one’s library grow! showerin lieu of a card We played two mellow shower games. Throughout the shower we played the game “don’t say baby.” You get a small clothes pin at the beginning of the party to clip to your clothes. If you are caught saying “baby” your pin can be taken. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the shower wins a prize. We also played the customary “guess how big the belly is” game using ribbon to guess the width around the widest part of the pregnant belly while dessert was served. Cupcakes, lemon apple hand pies, peanut butter cream cookies and chocolate bark. Yummy! Katie did an amazing job on desserts. By the way, if you ever find yourself playing the belly game, everyone always goes way too big. My advise is take off about 5 inches from your prediction. 🙂  We gave away orchids as prizes for both games. dessertdessert With friends and family the shower turned out perfectly. It was a great day! Along with a lavender wand, everyone got to take home a stemless wine glass with “She leaves a little sparkle everywhere she goes” printed on them. she leaves a little sparkle





Xo- Alia Photos from Jaime Hearts Photography   shower flowers

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