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A Dinosaur Tea Party

Piper was a very lucky little birthday girl! We did our fair share of celebrating her first 2 magical years of life; starting a week and a half early when visiting Nana and Grandpa in Ireland! We had a small celebration complete with a candle lit cake and ‘happy birthday’ song. Piper’s actual birthday was on October 26th. We enjoyed spending the day together as a family before hosting a party with Piper’s friends and family the following weekend.

Piper's 2nd birthday

When I asked Piper what kind of birthday party she would like to have she surprised me by saying very confidently, “A tea party with the dinosaurs!” …and so we made it happen! I know I’ve said it before but she has the best imagination!

Dino Party Hat Dinosaur Tea party

I set up a small children’s table with a few tea cups, tea pots and toy dinosaurs, put a few simple crafts on another table; party hat decorating and snack necklace making and called it a day!

dinosaur tea party tea party IMG_5751

We kept food simple too by ordering sandwiches and a salad from Togo’s and a cheese tray from Safeway. I made a few tea sandwiches for the kids and gluten free sandwiches for myself and a few other GF guests. Piper loved helping me make GF cupcakes complete with dinosaur figures, flowers and sprinkles.

-ZkrwXWxV3uL-T2-4hu4y71oKZC4eYVA4ILpAtKx-Ic IMG_5805 IMG_57936Ntz0Gk_seCWp0bPZoFXNzsIi8ei9pFfGs95IYL5_VM

It was adorable watching all the little kids run around together. They moved in a pack like giggling hyenas throughout the park where we hosted the party. We were very lucky it was a beautiful sunny day the first weekend of November.

Piper absolutely loves being the center of attention and anything to do with cupcakes so the day ended up perfect! She was very happy to celebrate her seemingly never ending birthday with friends and family literally all over the world!



All the kids got to take home a goodie bag and a set of dinosaur feet to stomp around in. 🙂

IMG_5749Dino Feet

xoxo- Alia

Photos by Gamma and Grandpa – Thank you!

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