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Winter at The Boardwalk

Santa Cruz in DecemberI have to remind myself we are in the middle of winter! It’s December and the sun is shinning, kids are playing in the water and the sound of children laughing is ringing through the air. It feels magical.

We took Piper to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to run around and play. I was surprised to see the rides running and food stands in full swing.

Beach Boardwalk

winter in Santa Cruz

Piper is finally tall enough (33 inches) to ride a couple of the amusement park rides and got to go on her first one! We were a little hesitant at first because she was nervous on the carousal when the speed picked up but she absolutely loved the Speedway Cars! Her smile and her laughter are contagious. Pat and I both couldn’t help but giggle along with her as we whipped around the corners of the track. When it slowed down she said “Can we do it again?!”

Days like these are the closest thing to being a kid again and they are amazing!


     Speedway Speedway Speedway Speedwayspeedway

xo- Alia

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