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Ali’s Pregnancy Journal – 22 Weeks!

22 weeks!

22 weeks!22 weeks! 22 weeks 22 week sign family DSC_0496

TOP: Nordstrom Rack // JEANS: AG Maternity // SUNGLASSES: Walgreens //

SANDALS: Nordstrom Rack 

Piper:: DRESS: Nordstrom Rack // SHOES: Converse

Pat has been able to feel baby kicks since 18 weeks and now Piper can feel them too! Piper has started to include her ‘baby sister’ in daily conversation. She is full of excitement and so am I! This week I had a baby-check-up. Hearing that little heart beating is so reassuring. I registered at the hospital for delivery on Thursday! Every week it gets more and more REAL. I’m going to have two little girls! I had a chance to talk with the doctor in person about an amniotic band they found in my uterus during my 20-week ultrasound. I had no clue what an amniotic band was and made the mistake of looking it up before talking with the doctor…needless to say I completely freaked myself out.  After speaking with the doctor I feel so so so much better! The band is a sting of extra tissue that forms for unknown reason in the uterus that could potentially cause problems by cutting off blood flow to the babies extremities, like fingers or toes, causing amputation or stunted growth. The band in my uterus isn’t anywhere near the baby so it shouldn’t cause any problems, thank God! I will have an ultrasound around week 28 to follow up and make sure that is still the case. I could handle my baby missing a few fingers or toes (there are much worse things) but would obviously prefer her to have ten cute little fingers and toes 🙂 Xo- Alia hollister

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