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Ali’s Pregnancy Journal: 23 Weeks! Full of Family

23 weeks!

23 weeks!

23 weeks!

23 weeks!

Baby is about 20 oz and the size of a bunch of grapes!

Another week down! Time is flying now that I feel ‘normal’ again. I even forget I’m pregnant once in a while…. and then this baby girl starts kicking or I have a braxton-hicks contraction (which hurts a lot).

This week we have been very busy. My in-laws are in town visiting from Ireland which means lots of quality family time. We’ve had a great time seeing Nana and Grandpa, all the cousins, and aunts and uncles multiple days in a row. In my opinion family is the most important thing in the world. I’m lucky to have one I enjoy being with and it is so nice to have everyone together!

Santa Cruz

Piper with Nana and Grandpa

We spent time at Natural Bridges State Beach enjoying the sunshine, amazing iconic rock formations, tide pools and even saw a few monarch butterflies on their migration path. The weather has been amazing and we have been taking full advantage of it! I haven’t been to Natural Bridges since I was little, it is more beautiful then I remembered and there is so much to see in a relatively small area.
Natural Bridges State Park Natural Bridges DSC_0781

tide pools

Tide Pools

fun in the sun

Pat’s 34th birthday was on Sunday. He was so excited to have his parents here to help him celebrate. We went bowling with almost the whole family (on his side) and had such a great time. Piper even got to play a game, with our help, and she loved it! We used to go bowling all the time. Now we can start going again and she can be included!






My 23rd week of pregnancy has been full of family and fun!

xo- Alia

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