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Ali’s Pregnancy Journal- 25 Weeks √

25 weeks pregnant 25 weeks pregnant

JACKET:: Similar Forever21 // DRESS:: H&M // Leggings:: Forever21 // BOOTS:: Lauren by Ralph Lauren // GLASSES:: Burberry 

Piper’s  ENTIRE OUTFIT is from :: Old Navy 

Week 25 came and went relatively quickly, nothing too special to report. My belly is growing a little bigger every day. It may finally be time to put away my regular jeans and switch them all out for maternity ones. I’m craving orange juice and fruit when it is warm outside, warm chocolate chip cookies and bean burritos when it’s cold, NOT at the same time. Unfortunately, my cold weather cravings are 2 very hard to find gluten free items.  As I type this none of those foods sound yummy so maybe my cravings are changing again. We’ll see!

25 weeks

Next week I have a baby check up and will get to schedule my delivery date if I decide to do a c-section again. I’m still torn…and getting anxious! This little baby is getting much closer to being a reality with just 98 days until my due date! Names, decor, c-section vs. v-back… NAMES?!?! are the thoughts floating through my never resting mind. With Piper we picked her middle name, Leanne, immediately. Of course it was an easy decision paying tribute to my amazing mama who passed away 11 years ago. We worked around her middle name finding something that flowed well together. Once we found the name Piper it stuck. I don’t think we even knew we were having a girl when we had her name (pretty much) set in stone. We had a white board on our refrigerator where we’d write names we liked for a girl and a boy. Our rule was if you crossed one off you’d have to write a new one down. Piper stayed up on that board until we were 100% sure that was our babies name. We still have the white board and are using it this time around but nothing is sticking yet. Naming a child is quite a challenge. You don’t want to screw it up! I just keep telling myself we have time to decide 🙂 xo- Alia

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