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Ali’s Pregnancy Journal – 27 Weeks

27 weeks

My biggest baby news this week is I’m scheduled for a repeat c-section first thing in the morning on Friday, May 22, 2015! It is a very strange feeling being scheduled. I teared up a bit when I found out the date and time of baby girl #2’s delivery. I still have mixed emotions about scheduling a c-section but I’m 90% sure I’ve made the right decision, and I can still cancel and try for a VBAC if I change my mind.

27 weeks pregnant27 Week Pregnant

I had a baby check up and everything is looking good. The babies heart beat is around 150 beats per minute and she’s moving around like a fish in water. It seems like she never sleeps. I’m one week away from the 3rd trimester so my appointments will be every 3 weeks instead of every 4. I took care of my 2 hour glucose test, it wasn’t as bad as I remembered it and all results came back normal. Yippee! Glucose Test The word of the week is overwhelm… it has been challenging to say the least. A freak dirt bike accident has Pat bed ridden for weeks with torn ligaments and a very bad sprang in one ankle and a 21-stitch worthy laceration on the other. He can’t walk and is in a lot of pain. Poor guy. I feel selfish for complaining but it has been pretty difficult for me taking care of everything and everyone in the house. Every meal, dirty dish, diaper change, bath, bed time, grocery store run and so on and so on is now my responsibility. If I weren’t pregnant I think I could handle it with more ease and elegance, but I am almost 7 months along with a 2 year old running around which makes me tired on its own. Looking on the bright side, Pat is going to be fine, it’s not permanent. The accident and timing could have been a lot worse. A friend of mine turned me onto what feels like a lifesaving service! Thank you Kaylyn!! It is a meal delivery service called Munchery. They have gluten free and other allergy safe options. The menu changes daily, you can place an order in the morning and have a nice dinner that is all ready to heat up delivered to your door that same evening. No cooking or cleaning required. After a long day the last thing I want to do is make dinner. The convenience of Munchery is greatly appreciated and it’s really yummy! I can see this helping out a ton when our new addition joins us in May. 🙂 For $10 off your first order use this link Anything to make life easier and less stressful is key in my life right now. Here’s to hoping for a speedy recovery and no new surprises in the next few weeks! xo- Alia

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  1. You’re the best mom and wife anyone could dream of having. Both Piper and I are the luckiest people on the planet. We love everything about you!
    I’m so sorry you’re working double time during your pregnancy! You are doing so with grace and beauty; I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As soon as I’m back on my feet you will be off yours. I can’t wait to cook and clean for my girls.
    I LOVE you Alia! Thank you!

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