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Ali’s Pregnancy Journal- 30 Weeks!

30 Weeks pregnant

DRESS: Francesca’s // SWEATER: Ya Los Angeles  (Not maternity but totally works!)

30 week chalk board

Happy Spring! I hope you have been enjoying all the blossoming flowers and are staying away from the clouds of pollen!

This week I had another baby check up. Everything is still looking good! Babies heart beat is normal, my blood pressure, great. My belly measures 30 cm, 1 cm per week, putting me right on target- 30 weeks! I got my whooping cough shot, which is recommended every pregnancy. Piper came to my appointment with me (without Daddy this time) and did amazing sitting in the chair, watching and listening to everything the doctor said and did. Her famous words are, “You are going to be ok Mommy!” she says this at every appointment. This time Piper even offered me a lollipop “for being brave getting my shot.” She loves to come along and hear baby sister’s heart beat and I like taking her. She is the sweetest thing…most of the time…of course every 2 year old has their moments. 🙂

Mommy Daughter Love

xo- Alia

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