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Ali’s Pregnancy Journal- 31 Weeks!


DRESS: Love21 // SHOES: Nordstrom Rack // Piper:: DRESS: Old Navy //

SHOES: Old Navy

I’m loving my baby bump this week. It has been so fun to wear cute little spring dresses! The weather has been beautiful. For me personally, it makes all the difference in the world if I get up, take a shower and wear something I feel cute in. I feel better when I take the time to dress up a little bit. If I stay in sweats all day I feel lazy and impatient. I’m sure it’s all phycological but whatever works to keep me productive and smiling!

Baby is kicking around like crazy. Watching my stomach move around as she wiggles and kicks is really bazaar. I don’t remember it being so strange when I was pregnant with Piper but I’m sure it was.

Each day I get a little closer to this baby girl’s debut and a little more stressed out about everything I have to do before she arrives! We’ve started cleaning out our office to make room for the little one, but it feels so far from being complete that it makes me nervous. Not that everything has to be ready right when we bring “baby sister” home from the hospital…but it would feel good! All I can say is “please baby girl, don’t be early! I’d love for you to stick with your scheduled arrival.” When it comes to children schedules don’t mean a thing. So we’ll see what happens!

31 weeks

xo- Alia

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