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Ali’s Pregnancy Journal- 33 Weeks!

33 weeks pregnantAll is good in baby growing land! I had another baby check up this week and she is growing steadily and getting ready to join us in the world! The doctor informed me to have my hospital bag packed and car seat installed by 37 weeks because anything can happen and second babies tend to want to come out early. It is really starting to sink in, this is happening SOON! We discussed my options of a C-section vs. VBAC, I’m still undecided! I thought my mind was made up but now I just don’t know. At my next appointment I will have an ultrasound and see how likely it is I can even try for a VBAC, so we’ll see! As of now I’m still scheduled for May 22nd but have the option to change my mind. Has anyone had a C-section with a 2.5 year old who always wants to be held? Not being able to carry Piper for about six weeks is my biggest concern…I’m open to advice from anyone who has experience.

33 weeks

This week was full of excitement and sniffly noises. A pretty bad cold attacked Piper and me and put us on slow-mo for a good amount of the week. We spent days cuddling on the couch while I worked from home. I can’t complain too much because I got an absurd amount of snuggles from my favorite little girl! The rest of the week was so much fun. My sister flew in from Portland and spent the weekend with us. It was so nice to see her, it had been way too long! I had a very special baby Sprinkle thrown for me and “baby sister” (we still aren’t set on a name!). It was a perfect celebration I will always remember. Read about it HERE. 

Xo- Alia

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