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Two and a Half!

My little Piper girl turned 2.5 years old this weekend! In this house we celebrate 1/2 birthdays 🙂 2 and a half DSC_0441 DSC_0443 DSC_0451 DSC_0447

celebrating half birthdaysHer favorite color is purple. Everything would be purple if Piper had the choice.

Favorite thing to do: Draw. If I let her she would draw or paint all day everyday. Every night before bed she complains, “But, I’m not done drawing yet!”

Favorite thing to play: Tigers

Favorite food: Yogurt

Best friends: Daddy and Mommy (Yes!! We must be doing something right), Maddie, Emerson and Tulah, her cousins, Avery and Kolton.

She speaks like a 5-year-old using big words like disgusting, terrible and options in full and complete sentences.

Every night before bed she scares the make believe monsters in every room away with her terrifying “roar.”

Piper is the most amazing little girl. She is my world, my everything.
Since our family is about to gain a new member it is important to me to make Piper feel as special as possible. Giving her all the attention I can before baby number 2 joins us. Of course I will do my best to continue giving her all I can give once our second baby arrives in a few weeks. I just know things won’t ever be the same… for the better. Pat and I are both middle children so neither of us knew what it was like to be an only. I can imagine it will be a shocking change to have to share mommy and daddy with someone else on a permanent bases. As much as we talk to her about being a big sister and sharing her toys and her mama and daddy there is no replacement for living it. I know Piper is going to be an amazing sister and will love her baby sister more then anything in the world, I am confident of that. It will still be a transition, one I am personally really looking forward to.

Pat and I decided to throw a mini celebration for Piper’s ½ birthday, just the 3 of us…well 4 if you include our Chihuahua, Tater. I decorated the kitchen with streamers and balloons and we sang “happy half-birthday to Piper” before she blew out two and a half candles on a mini bunt cake. She was ecstatic being the center of attention.

Her smile is the biggest reward, as a parent that smile is what I live for.

Xo- Alia

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