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Diaper Days


Just before Kolton was born, I was faced with so many different questions on how I was going to parent him at a young age. Would he be breastfed or bottle fed? Would we use a crib or co-sleep? Would I wear him in a wrap or mainly use a stroller? If I wrap him, what kind of wrap would I use? Another big question society would ask me was if I would use disposable diapers or cloth? This question seemed important because, like most new moms, I feel a certain amount of guilt for adding to our landfills with years worth of disposable diapers, yet cloth diapers can become so incredibly overwhelming.  I had originally made the decision to cloth diaper Kolton, but after only a couple of weeks, I could barely keep my head above water with my new life, and sadly my desires to stay eco-friendly fell apart. We ended up continuing to use cloth on occasions, but mostly used disposables. The brand did not seem to really matter. We were more concerned with whatever was on sale and convenient. As Kolton got older, and I became more established in motherhood, I did start to go back to cloth, but it was really difficult at this point to get my husband on board with the new routine. We did what we could to the best of both of our abilities at the time and for that I have no regrets. With our baby girl due in only a few short weeks, I am determined to have a plan when it comes to diapering this time around. We have already signed up through a local cloth diapering service called, Tiny Tots, cloth diapers will be delivered weekly to our door. They pick up the dirty ones as well and launder them for us! Can’t get much easier than that for a parent with a newborn and a two-year old! I have also decided to be realistic about my expectations of perfection. I know that there will be many slip-ups, either by myself, my husband, or anyone else caring for her, so I will have a back-up plan for disposables. After voicing my realistic concerns and accepting the unlikelihood of us SOLELY cloth diapering, I found out that Tiny Tots will also dispose of certain brands of eco-friendly diapers through their delivery service. The brand we selected, is called Bambo Nature.


Bambo Nature is made of 100% sustainable materials and is soft and gentle on the skin. We have already begun using them on Kolton, which has been very helpful as he is quickly approaching potty training. Since they feel thinner on his skin and are not loaded with all of the chemicals that some of the big brand diapers contain, he knows when he goes potty, and therefore is beginning to recognize that his diaper needs to be changed. Bambo Nature also has training pants, which we will be switching to soon, I hope. Kolton has recently made a game of pulling off his diapers when they get in his way, but since these are thinner and softer, they don’t seem to bother him while he’s active or sleeping. My favorite things about these diapers is that they contain no dangerous chemicals or allergens and are eco-friendly, creating less waste in our environment. Kolton recently had the stomach flu, which led to him getting a severe diaper rash. I noticed that switching him onto the Bambo Nature diapers during this time, along with soaking him in baking soda and letting him air dry, has really helped with the healing process. The only down-side that I found with these diapers is the cost. They can be a bit more pricy than most store-bought brands, but with the amount we will be saving using cloth as well, we are going to be able to make it work. I have also found that they are available on sites such as and Amazon, where you can get a discount and free shipping if you order by the case!



I know how sensitive newborn skin is, so I am confident that we are making the right decision for our baby girl. I hope this was helpful. xoxo Danielle


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