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Ali’s Pregnancy Journal- 36 Weeks!

This post is a little late since I’ll be 37 weeks on Friday but better late then never!

My 36 week ultrasound went great! Baby is head down, is definitely a GIRL, she has dropped because I’m measuring smaller then before, I’m 50% effaced and things are progressing perfectly! She has all her little limbs in tact, 2 arms and 2 legs. The amniotic band I was worried about couldn’t be found so wherever it is it isn’t in babies way! So relieved! We saw her little feet moving constantly on the ultrasound. The radiologist mentioned, “You’ve got a little kicker don’t you!” Those kicks are getting more powerful daily. I get nervous baby will break my ribs like I did to my mom when I was in her belly. Sorry mom! Maybe she’ll be a soccer player when she gets big. 🙂

hiking with toddlers hiking with 2 year old
Piper has been exceptionally sweet talking to her baby sister frequently. She hugs and kisses ‘her’ before I leave for work every day and tells her what she did during the day while mommy and baby sister were working.

I can’t wait to meet our little girl in just a couple weeks! 

xo- Alia

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