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Organizing the Nursery

While the nursery itself is a very important part of getting ready for baby, it is the details that can make life for a new parent a little bit easier. Keeping things organized for convenience, not just for visual appeal, can be very crucial when trying to soothe a screaming newborn, or change a dirty diaper. In the early days, parents are usually spending a lot of time in the nursery for feedings and diaper changes, so it should be a place you feel comfortable in, and has a flow to it. While having a two-year old does not make me a professional by any means, I do have a little experience in what worked for our home and what didn’t the first time around, so I can try to avoid unnecessary mistakes. I always hated fumbling around in the middle of the night trying to remember where I put Kolton’s pacifier or where I had last used my breast pump. Also, when I would get stuck nursing him for long periods of time, and had nothing to snack on or read. Having everything you may need at arms reach can be crucial to surviving those first few months. After all, once baby comes, it may be too late to get organized. Why not do what you can now…

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I converted this black, six drawer IKEA dresser, which we previously had, into a changing table. I carefully organized each drawer to accommodate changing and diapering needs. They basically have what we will need in the beginning, and will be reorganized as she grows and has different needs. To the left of the dresser is her laundry hamper, and to the right of the dresser is her cloth diaper hamper. Even though there is a deodorizer attached, I wanted to keep it out of site and in the corner.

Now for the drawers. On the left side:


The top drawer contains all diapering needs. We have cloth diapers, disposable diapers, changing pad covers, cloth diaper covers, small washcloths, lotion and diaper rash cream, as well as a thermometer, and other healthcare necessities. These are all right at arms reach so I can grab them while keeping one hand on the baby at all times while changing her.

The center left drawer contains swaddle blankets, burp cloths, bibs and hats. These don’t usually have to be grabbed while changing her in a pinch, so are fine slightly out of reach.


The bottom drawer contains more swaddle blankets, some larger, soft blankets and some odds and ends from the hospital that come in handy when traveling.

On the right side of the dresser:


The top drawer contains all clothes in newborn sizes only. I find that rolling clothes at this size is more efficient for organizing than folding. When they are folded, you really can’t see what is at the bottom. I also really love these IKEA drawer organizers! They are really great for baby and kid drawers and are very reasonably priced. You can find them HERE. In this drawer, I have short-sleeve and long-sleeve onsies, pants, socks, baby legs, full sleepers and velcro swaddle blankets. These are the clothing items I used most with Kolton when he was a newborn, so I wanted to keep them handy for our baby girl.


The next drawer contains the same type of clothing but in the next size (mostly 0-3 months and 3-6 months) They are all washed and ready to rotate when she grows out of her newborn clothing.


This bottom drawer contains our Moby newborn carrier and structured baby carriers (Ergo and Becco). I am keeping the woven wraps in one of the closet shelves for easy access, and so I can see which one I am grabbing.

Since our nursery is pretty small in size, and babies require a lot of supplies, the closet became a crucial part of keeping the room organized. I wanted to make sure I could find what I needed and knew where everything was, so this took some work and some careful purchases. IKEA is a great place to find organizational supplies on a budget.


On the left side of the closet is where baby’s cute dresses and hanging clothes are kept. I got closet labels from Buy Buy Baby to keep the sizes in order (find them HERE). Everything hanging in the closet up to size 6 months is washed and ready to wear. The rest of her clothes are carefully labeled and covered in the fabric bins on the top shelf. Most of which still need to be washed before they are put in the drawers. The fabric bins are from IKEA (find them HERE). The plastic drawers at the bottom of the closet are mostly empty, but I’m sure they will fill up as soon as baby comes home. I do have some nursing/pumping supplies in the large bottom drawer. Also, our humidifier is kept in a box in the closet until needed. To the left of the plastic drawers is my Brest Friend Nursing Pillow. This is similar to a Boppy Pillow and is very useful for nursing or just soothing a newborn. It gives really good support and fits comfortably.


On the right side of the closet is where we placed our KALLAX Shelving unit from IKEA. This unit is very versatile and great for keeping the closet organized. We set it upright, but can easily change it to lay horizontally when she needs more space in the closet for hanging clothes. You can add drawers, cabinets, and bins. I added the four small drawers up top to keep supplies out of site and and out of reach from small hands. The supplies in there include extra batteries, nose aspirators, extra pacifiers some instructions and spare parts. The top shelf fabric bins on this side of the closet contain extra diapering supplies, and travel supplies that are not needed right away, but still easily accessible. Each bin is labeled so I know where to look when in a pinch.


In one of these shelves is where I keep the woven wraps (pictured on the left), and baby books that I can grab while sitting in the glider. I have tried not to over fill these shelves yet since I just know there will be supplies and care items that will come later and I will want easy access to. I purposely kept the bottom open to soon fill with toys.



To the left of the glider is a small night stand with a shelf. On top is a lamp and noise machine to help soothe the baby. The shelf itself is reserved for my personal care items (or for whomever is caring for baby at the time) here and at arms reach, while rocking and nursing baby. The supplies here will most likely include a book, magazine or Kindel Fire HD for reading, some snacks (almonds and a bottle of water most likely), and behind the glider is where I keep my breast pump. Also, in the beige wicker basket, is where I have begun to store extra nursing pads for easy access. With Kolton, I was always finding myself spending a lot of time in this chair and often I had nothing to eat, drink or occupy my time with. I will try to avoid that same mistake this time around.

These organization tips may not be for everyone, since every baby and family has different needs. These are just things that I hope to work best for us. I have had the past 9 months to prepare my lists and nursery this time around, and am hoping that this organizing will help to make these difficult and very exciting times ahead of juggling two little ones just a tiny bit easier. Not sure I will have the time to STAY this organized, but at least I can START out this way and just hope for the best.

I hope that some of my tips are helpful.



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