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Baby Prep Check List- The Must Do’s Before Baby

hospital bag check listI haven’t had the luxury of time to prepare early for this baby like I did with Piper. Life has a way of getting in the way. Things have been busy with family, work, unexpected surprises, chasing after my 2.5 year old, and so on…

I put together a list of must do’s before baby arrives to keep myself sane and as stress free as possible. Maybe you will find it helpful too! You really don’t NEED to do to much right before baby comes, although it is definitely easier to get things done ahead of time.

That being said, these are only necessities! You won’t find things like rolling up onesies and putting them into a drawer organizer or getting your nails painted and a massage on this list… although a message and pedicure sound fantastic and you definitely deserve some pampering before the ice packs on your who-ha or incision across your belt line and sleepless nights. So maybe I’ll add something like that in here somewhere. 🙂

1.Pack your hospital bags! It is recommended to be ready to go at 37 weeks. I haven’t followed this rule, I didn’t pack my bag until the night before my scheduled c-section. Check out Danielle’s Hospital Bag Check List for a natural birth for some tips, I’ll have a Planned C-Section Hospital Bag up for you soon too! (Once I get my act together!)

2. Assemble your bassinet or co-sleeper

3. Wash a handful of newborn outfits and receiving blankets

4. Install your infant car seat. Can’t go home without one!

5. Buy diapers and wipes. Surprise, all babies poop! You won’t want to have to run to the store as soon as you get home from the hospital. You’ll also need sanitary pads for yourself C-section or vaginal birth doesn’t matter. You’ll bleed for a while.

6. If baby on the way has siblings: Arrange child care for your hospital stay. It would be traumatizing for them to see you in labor.. if it’s even aloud??? Somehow I seriously doubt it. Print out emergency phone numbers and any special instructions for them.

7. Shave your legs! Who knows when that will happen again 🙂

Optional items that might make life easier!

8. Do what you can to set up a nursery for your new bundle of joy. Don’t stress though, it will most likely be a few months before baby actually uses it’s new room.

9. Prep some easy dinners to freeze and through in a slow cooker once baby arrives. If you are nursing you’ll be starving all the time and won’t feel like cooking for a while. At least that was my 1st experience.

10. Pamper yourself! Get that massage and/or pedicure if you can find the time. Eat lots of ice cream, and relax!

Good luck!

xoxo- Alia

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