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Introducing Kenzie Jean! A Birth Story

IMG_7597On day one of 39 weeks, of what felt like the slowest/fastest pregnancy ever, Pat and I headed to the hospital bright and early for my scheduled repeat C-Section. It was 6:15am when we arrived. We were quickly brought into a room to start my IV and both my vitals and baby’s to prep for surgery.


Knowing you are about to meet the baby you’ve been carrying  for 9+ months face-to-face is such a surreal feeling I can’t even begin to describe. Excitement and nerves all bundled into one monumental moment.

The nurse took me back to the operating room. I remember a blur of bright lights and nurses and doctors counting surgical instruments. After the epidural was administered and catheter in place I lay on the operating table with my arms tied down out to the sides. This left me uneasy and in a brief panic until I saw my husbands face next to mine; hearing his voice tell me everything would be ok soothed me quickly. The anticipation of surgery was eating away at me and then… the next thing I knew we are meeting our precious baby girl, Kenzie Jean Sullivan, for the very first time!

My heart filled with more love than I could have ever imagined the very instant Kenzie was presented to Pat and me over the blue c-section curtain. I instantly had the happiest of tears gushing from my eyes and running down my cheeks. I didn’t know I had room in my heart to feel so deeply for another little human. After having Piper I thought my heart was full and wasn’t sure how I would ever love someone as much as her; I didn’t think I was capable. My heart must have grown two or even three sizes because it is overflowing with love, happiness, joy and excitement. There is plenty of love for both of my beautiful daughters!

Kenzie was born at 8:59am on Friday, May 22, 2015. She was 7lbs and 20″ long, healthy and perfect.

The hospital experience was so much better then my first, giving birth to Piper. When Piper was born there was one thing after another for us to worry about. Kenzie was quite the opposite, healthy as can be, no issues! The hospital seemed to have a new policy on nurses and we had the same day nurse all 3 days we were there; she was amazing. If I end up having another baby one day I’d love to have Maria as my nurse again. She was on top of everything and as an added bonus she so sweet to Piper. She gave her new bear (Piper’s gift from Kenzie) some diapers and a hat so she could practice being a big sister. It was such a refreshing change from my first C-Section.
I have to admit I was pretty nervous about having two small children to look after, but the moment we were all home together it felt like we’ve always had two and I couldn’t be happier. I am so in love with my girls and my husband it almost hurts! My little family of four feels complete and perfect right now, I wouldn’t change anything for the world. Kenzie has been an amazing addition. She loves being held and cuddled and is very alert. Aside from getting her diaper changed, she rarely cries.  She is my perfect blue eyed (we’ll see if they stay blue) baby. I look forward to each minute I get to spend with her.

Xo- Alia

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