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A New Kind of Love: Kenzie’s Newborn Photos 

Newborn photos

I’m so excited to share our newborn photos with you, they were taken when Kenzie was 9 days old. As always Jaime did an amazing job capturing our memories in her photos. I love having her as our family photographer.  I wish I could take her everywhere with me to capture everyday’s precious moments. I need to get better at taking pictures myself!


9 days old
kenzie-7 kenzie-8


kenzie-18 kenzie-19

Having two girls is amazing. Piper is in love with “her baby” and of course I’m in love with both of my babies. Kenzie is such a sweet little snuggle bug who always wants to be held. I already feel like she is growing so fast. She is very alert when she is awake and has started tracking people when they get close enough.

Having a second baby is so much different then the first. Pat and I feel much more confident in what we are doing and don’t freak out about things like we did with Piper. Having a second is so much easier. I truly don’t know what I was scared about.





I’m loving every second with Kenzie and Piper. Watching Piper with Kenzie is so special, shas so much love in her sweet little heart. If there is such thing as love at first sight Piper was definitely struck with it when she laid eyes on Kenzie. Ever since she met her sister she always wants to be right by her side giving her kisses, hugs, holding her hand or holding her. It is so special to witness. My sister is such a big part of my life that I am eternally great full for; I’m so happy Piper and Kenzie will have each other as built in playmates and best friends for their lifetime.


For us, a family of four is a perfect fit. I know we are only three weeks in but it is as if we have had these little girls for a life time and I wouldn’t change a thing!

To see more of Jaime’s work visit her website here.
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