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Our Whole Life In Boxes :: Moving Day! 

Life has a funny way of keeping things interesting…stressful and exciting all at once. The day after we brought Kenzie home from the hospital at a meer 4 DAYS OLD there was a knock at the door, it was our landlord. He knew we were expecting so I figured he was coming by with his congratulations. Boy was I wrong. He came over to deliver a 60 day notice, his daughter recently got engaged and is moving back to the area, where else, but into our place!

Shock… I was in shock. Especially after finishing the whole nesting faze. Piper’s big girl room complete and Kenzie’s nursery painted to what I consider perfection, thanks to my amazing husband.

After a few weeks of stressing out spending every second that I was counting on bonding with our new baby as a family house hunting, we finally found a home to call our own. I’m nervous and excited to start fresh in a new town with new surroundings.

Change is hard but hopefully this one will be a good thing for our family.

packing paperplaying with paper

We’ve put all four of our lives into boxes and are headed out to a new adventure. I’m looking forward to a new start for my family, a kitchen that isn’t a hallway and more space all together!

Xo- Alia

5 thoughts on “Our Whole Life In Boxes :: Moving Day! 

  1. oh man!!! That is crazy! Best of luck!! I remember I did the girls nursery 3 times in three different homes. Then we moved to Oregon. Haha.

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  3. Here’s a moving tip: Don’t place the plates flat in a box. Place them on their sides and add filler material to keep the plates in place. Adding cardboard dividers in the box will help keep the plates steady and protected. Follow all the tips here and you won’t have a problem packing your precious items.

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