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Kenzie: 2 Months!

2 monthsTime slowed down and then sped up in the last 2 months. Month one has come and gone so quickly with our move, going back to work and day to day life. I can’t believe Kenzie is 2 months already!

2 months new

In the mist of our hectic lives these last 2 months our little Kenzie has reminded us to take a step back and breath in all the good, to smile, be happy and appreciate one another. Kenzie loves being held, especially by mommy. She started taking a pacifier that helps sooth her and keeps us all a little more sane. She doesn’t mind the warm bath anymore, it’s getting dry she isn’t such a fan of. Kenzie still loves to be swaddled and sleeps really well at night (one long stretch from 5-7 hours then one more for 4 hours!). It takes a lot of patients to calm her but once you succeed she is all cuddles.

tummy time

Growing like a little weed, Kenzie weighs 11lbs. 11oz. and is 23inches long. She wear size 0-3 months and size 1 diapers. Her smiles are growing bigger and brighter. She is amazingly alert, paying very close attention to her surroundings and watching every move her big sister Piper makes. Playing peekaboo and making funny noises are guaranteed a smile and almost a laugh. She is starting to coo just a little. Although it might be early I’ve started introducing sign language using simple signs for ‘milk’ and ‘more’. Our love for our newest addition is growing stronger by the minute.


Kenzie, you are loved beyond what words could describe.

Xo- Alia (Mommy)

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