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Creating Memories with our Families & Bitta Kidda 

With our families now living a little over an hour away, getting together has become a little more challenging. It isn’t only the distance, but our busy schedules with two little ones. As close friends, we are bound and determined to make a huge effort to keep our toddlers and babies close, as well as ourselves. Although this can be challenging at times, we all feel it is very important. Kolton and Piper ask for each other often and Shayne and Kenzie are only 9 days apart in age. We really want them to grow up together and form a special bond as their older siblings have. It is also important for us as moms to have someone to talk to whom is going through similar situations, both good and bad.

When we are able to bring our families together, everyone always has a blast and it makes the extra effort well worth it!


We had so much fun dressing Shayne and Kenzi in their new LovieSacks by Bitta Kidda. The designs are adorable and super soft. They also have little lovies attached for the girls to hold and play with while they doze off to sleep, adding an extra comforting element to a sleep sack is such a great idea. They are convenient for diaper changes with the added zippers and snap closures, and our babies seem to really love wearing them. So glad we discovered this adorable new product.bitta kidda

 Kolton and Piper enjoyed our little cuddle party also, and as always, had to get in on the action! They are both so proud to be the big sibling and have taken their job as big brother and big sister very seriously. It is absolutely adorable watching them with ‘their’ babies! Keeping these four kids close won’t be hard because they already love each other so much!

best friends

xo- Danielle & Alia

Thank you Bitta Kidda for making this post possible.

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