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Actress in The Making:: at the Renaissance Faire

We had a very eventful weekend filled with activities, all of which were perfect for Piper. Piper had her first ballet/tap class, soccer picture day, a game, and we made it to the Renaissance Faire! The Faire was a first time for all of us and was definitely worth it! Piper absolutely loved getting to dress up like a princess and to go to an event. First thing she did was jump up and down saying “Mommy, I think it is Halloween! Look at all the princesses and pirates!” I have to tell you the people watching is amazing. I could sit in a corner and just watch people for hours. A glass of wine, sunshine, family, and people in some extravagant outfits made a really fun day. ren faire

I had no idea how kid friendly the event would be, and was pleasantly surprised by how perfect it was for children. The cousins joined us and everyone ages 2.75 to 10 enjoyed themselves. People chanted when Piper walked by, “Make way for the princess!” putting the biggest smile on her face.

She even got to be in a magic show and was delighted! My floating princess was the bell of the ball! Piper on stage with people clapping for her = one happy toddler princess. She didn’t have an ounce of stage fright.

magic show

curtsey The day before the Renaissance Faire she learned to courtesy in ballet class. Perfect timing because just look at that courtesy and her face! It kills me how adorable she is 🙂 If I stuck her into acting I think she would be amazing at it. She is so comfortable in front of people, a little ham. So the opposite of me, she must take after daddy in that respect. DSC_0257And holding her dress up exiting her stage.. come on how cute is that?! I just love her so much!the ten fairePiper even got to go on her first pony ride. Pony rides, princess dresses in the  fairy garden, I think she was in her own personal toddler heaven.

toddler activities

I’m so happy we decided to go to this event. The Renaissance Faire at Casa de Fruta goes on through October 18th, if you have little ones who like to dress up and make-believe I’d definitely recommend a trip to the faire, and for an added bonus kids under 12 are free!

xo- Alia

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  1. Oh my goodness. This melts my heart! And brings back so many memories of you and me as children! You were a bit of a ham too, back in the day. Just saying. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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