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Kenzie: 4 Months!

25.5 inches long and 14 pounds, Kenzie is 4 months old! My little mama’s girl is such a happy, giggly, sweet little love. She doesn’t let anyone besides me hold her for more then a few minutes, which has proven to be quite challenging. Since I know how fast each stage goes I am embracing every chance I get to hold and snuggle my baby girl. I dread the day she won’t want me to hold her and snuggle her.

4 months old

Kenzie’s newest accomplishment is rolling over! She started rolling from tummy to back at 16 weeks old and just three days after started rolling from back to tummy. She is on the same path as Piper, which makes me a little nervous! Piper crawled before she could sit independently and then walked right at 10 months, it all went so fast. I’m anxious to see how their milestones compare as Kenzie grows but at the same time want time to slow down.


Kenzie is expressing an interest in toys, grabbing them and putting them in her mouth constantly. Her favorite toy is the Winkle Rattle, it is easy to grab and chew on; she seems to love the bright colors. She is always chewing on something; her hands, blanket, shirt, paci, a toy, or my shoulder.. there is almost always something in her cute little mouth.

Bunny towel bath time with Kenzie…and she likes the bath, I found the key to getting her dry without a peep! It’s all about the towel choice. Kenzie is just like me when it comes to loving soft things. 🙂

This is such a fun age! Personality starts to really shine through around the 4 month mark. I’m loving every second of having two beautiful girls! It gets more fun every day!

xo- Alia

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