A Day at the County Fair 

Living in a small town is a whole lot different from the hustle and bustle in the heart of the Silicon Valley where we lived just a few months ago. I am starting to get settled in with my family and learning to enjoy a slower pace of life. Small town living is very much oriented around family and I LOVE that. There are constantly activities that all ages can enjoy. A few weeks ago we enjoyed the fantasy of the Renaissance Faire and this past weekend was spent at the San Benito County Fair; two worlds apart within 10 miles of each other.


The County Fair is a big deal around here, kids miss school to attend and show their animals in the 4H club. Imagine Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web sitting in the pigpen next to all the other animals…that is exactly what was like. Our nephew showed his sheep and pig in the fair, so we spent a lot of time around the animals.

4H Pig show

baby wearingdonno and piper

I’ve been to fairs with games and rides before but the County Fair was a whole different ball game and entirely fun for our whole family. They even have tractor pulls and sand drag races, bringing out the inner hillbilly in my dear husband.

San Benito County Fair

Balloon animals and crowns, a kids area filled with puzzles, tricycles, a giant tire filled with corn kernels and drawing horses kept Piper and her three cousins throughly entertained.

toddlers at the fair tier full of corn balloon crowns drawing horse

I love the weekends I get to spend with family and friends.

family daycarousel

We ended our first day at the Fair with a carousel ride! We had such a good time we were excited to go back the very next day with the Wahlstrom’s.

xo- Alia

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