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Kenzie: 5 Months!


Time is flying by! Another month gone in the blink of an eye. Kenzie is getting big so fast, today she is 5 months old! It feels like yesterday I was going into the delivery room to meet her and now she is rolling over like a champ, bouncing in her jumpero nonstop, and grabbing onto everything. Her smile is so big and bright and lights up the room.


kiddos-8 kiddos-9

Kenzie is really interested in any food being consumed around her, I think she will be thrilled next month when we start to introduce her to solids. She really really wants to sit on her own but isn’t quite there yet, she sits and holds herself up with her hands in front of her. We need to get her some sort of baby chair to help support her. She got her first fever, sniffles and a cough a couple weeks ago but pulled out of it just fine and quickly. Thank goodness! DSC_0245kiddos-10Piper is infatuated with her baby sister. She is always kissing and hugging her and includes her in her pretend play, sharing toys, singing her lullabies and ‘reading’ her stories every chance she gets.
kiddos-11 kiddos-12

Her blue eyes sparkle when she is happy. She is getting more used to other people holding her, especially daddy, giving me some piece of mind. As much as I am entirely obsessed with my little snuggle bug, I can’t do everything and having her cry when anyone but me held her was trying to say the least.
kiddos-13 kiddos-14

Kenzie lights up our lives. Having two girls has been an amazing adventure so far. I’m looking forward to see where this journey takes us next.

All Photos but one by: Jaime Hearts Photography 🙂

xo- Alia

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  1. Beautiful post! My baby girl will be 5 months in November and it’s so exciting, yet bittersweet to watch them grow. Your daughter is growing beautifully. I absolutely adore that smile!

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