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This is THREE!

Piper is the most amazing little girl. She has the sweetest heart, she is kind, a little bit bossy, mixed with some sass and a HUGE imagination, and she is THREE! How did that happen so fast?! I love her more each minute.


My absolute favorite thing about Piper is how grateful she is. She always remembers to say thank you and for the smallest things. I’ll buy her strawberries at the grocery store and she will hug me and say, “Thank you mommy, thank you!” Randomly she will come tell me “You are the best mommy in the world!” or her dad “You are the best daddy in the world!” and of course Kenzie is told more then once a day she is the best sister ever.

She is so articulate when communicating, she has been since she started talking in complete sentences before the age of two, even though she still doesn’t pronounce her s’s at the beginning of words; the word school is ‘chool’ and spoon ‘poon’. It is the cutest thing and I don’t want to change it! When she miss-pronounces words it reminds me she is just a little girl… I tend to forget because her vocabulary is so advanced.

casa de fruitacarousel

My sister (Piper’s Auntie) came to town and we spent Piper’s actual birthday at Casa de Fruta, riding the carousal, the train and panning for gem stones. It was such a cute little place and very affordable. 🙂 Piper loved it.

casa de fruita train

panning for gemsPiper got three pennies to throw in a wishing well on her birthday, she wished for:

  1. A unicorn
  2. Her daddy to come home from work soon (love this!)
  3. A real crown with real jewels

Auntie Cori

We started a little tradition when Piper turned two and a half asking her some questions. It will be fun to look back when she’s older and see what she said. Here are her THREE year old answers:

What is your:

• Favorite color:     PURPLE!

• Favorite thing to play: Dress up

• Favorite food: Raspberries

• Best friends: Emerson, Tulah and Maddie

• What do you want to be when you grow up?    A Doctor and a Princess

Time goes a little to quickly! At two-and-a-half her answers were slightly different. You can read them HERE. To celebrate Piper’s birthday we threw her a Pirate Fairy Princess Party complete with dress up, a bounce castle, family and friends. Look for a new post soon!

xo- Alia

Piper got to have her nails painted for the first time!

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