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A Fairy Princess Pirate Party :: Piper’s Third Birthday

One, two, three… Piper is THREE!! Each one of Piper’s birthdays have been very special with a fun creative theme. This year she really wanted a Princess Party. As we were walking down the party section at Target she saw Pirate hats and decided all on her own the party must be a Fairy Princess Pirate Party. Good thing because I was having trouble thinking of something fun for the boys relate to.

streamers fairy wing decoration

I kept the decorations minimal and mainly used the items from our dress up station as decor. My favorite were the fairy wings on the chairs, and the best part they were a Dollar Store find!

dress up party dress up station third birthday party sparkle station

The Dress Up Station consisted of crowns the kids could decorate, necklaces, bracelets, rings, fairy wings, and sparkly wands.

dress up party pirate party princess partyIn addition we had pirate hats, eye patches and foam swords for the boys and girls who weren’t too interested in princess and fairy stuff. I bought most things at The Dollar Store or Target and ordered some from Oriental Trading. The dress up stuff kept the kids entertained and made the perfect take home goodies.

fruit wandsdaddy's girlWe served an array of salads and appetizers, almond butter and jelly sandwiches for the kids and magic fruit wands. The wands were my favorite and not too complicated to make. All you need are skewers, fruit and a star shaped cookie cutter. 🙂 bottle feedingMy sister came to town and was immensely helpful preparing for the party and helping with Kenzie. bounce castlebounce house

daughtersbounce fun bounce house

We also had a bounce castle that was a huge hit. Even my husband and I had fun bouncing in it with Piper after the guests left.

not sure about the bounce houseKenzie on the other hand wasn’t so sure about it.

silly family family

The party was a success! Piper had a blast and her friends and family all seemed to really enjoy themselves too! I love making Piper smile and she had a permanent smile on her cute little face all day long.

three years old birthday cake

A special thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate Piper’s 3rd birthday! It wouldn’t have been so special without each and every one of you!

You can read about Piper’s 1st Birthday at the Circus HERE and her Dinosaur Tea Party for her second birthday HERE.

xoxo- Alia

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