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Fall is Here! + An Apple Baby Food Recipe

Fall is here and it finally feels like it! The air is cold and crisp and your nose turns a little red when you go outside. The leaves are changing colors and apples are in season. I love the fall. In California we don’t get much definition of each season, it usually feels like one never-ending summer, so when it feels like the correct season we have to embarrass it.

Bundleme JJ Cole

When the weather gets a little cooler it is kinda tough to get outside and play. With a three year old there is no way we could stay in the house all day! So today we bundled up and went out to play in the orchards. The Bundleme Set from JJ Cole made it easy to take Kenzie, our 5 months old, out in the chilly weather and not worry about her being too cold or uncomfortable. She was so snug and cozy watching Piper run through the trees. I wish I had a Bundleme set for myself it is so soft and warm! Piper

Fall! siblings DSC_0068 sisters sisters JJ Cole Bundleme Piper had so much fun running around, getting muddy and being silly in the orchard. She was jumping and dancing nonstop. It’s the simple moments in life like this one that make me the happiest mama. I don’t need to spend money or do something extravagant to make my daughter(s) day a little brighter. All I have to do is go outside and play with them and thanks to the Bundleme set we could do that today. Out and Active with JJ Cole bundle me good fall is hereI loved today, even though we got insanely muddy! Piper and my shoes must have a pound of mud on each of them. It was totally worth sneaking out into the chill to run around and play in the fields and watch the sun set. Day made!  DSC_0090

Kenzie is getting close to starting solids so we used some of the fresh fall apples to make some baby food to freeze and have on hand once she is ready. I made all Piper’s baby food and plan to do the same with Kenzie. It takes a little extra time so I’m preparing early when I have some free time, which doesn’t happen often!
DSC_0078Apple baby food is pretty easy! Here is how you make it:

• Quarter and core 6 apples of your choice. Leave skin on for extra nutrients.

• In a sauce pan bring one inch of water to a boil. Add apples and cover. Cook for 8-10 minutes until soft enough to pierce with the a light touch of a fork or knife.

• Let cool enough to touch.

• Use a spoon to remove flesh from the skin. Discard skins. Save cooking liquid.

• Puree the apples using cooking liquid to create desired thickness. I used all of it since Kenzie will just be starting solids. 🙂

• Freeze in ice trays.

That’s it! Super simple! You can add cinnamon or other baby food purees to liven up the apple baby food if desired. The baby food will save refrigerated for 3 days or frozen for 3 months.

red barn

Happy Fall!

Thank you JJ Cole for making this post possible!

xo- Alia

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