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Playing Dress Up!

sistersTo my little three year old every day might as well be Halloween, Piper wears her dress up dresses literally every day. This morning she has a fairy dress and wings on as she runs through the house pretending to throw poison apples at the monsters that are lurking in the living room so they fall asleep and she can pass them. Yesterday when I picked her up from her cousin’s house after work she was dresses as Anna from Frozen and on her way to a Royal Ball.

tiger family

In Piper’s eyes Halloween is truly magical. She was ecstatic to dress up all day long and in multiple costumes. (Lucky for me she just had a birthday and got a bunch of dress up clothes! All I had to buy this year was a witch hat!) lions and tigers

little lion

Kenzie was going to be a lion but the costume was way too big!

She was thrilled I played along with her wearing mouse ears on our morning walk and of course dressing up for our family Halloween party and trick-or-treating. She also loved that Kenzie was dressed up too! At moments like this I am so excited to have two girls who will one day play dress up together on a daily basis. This Halloween was a little glimpse into the future. sisters

little witchlittle lady bugdaddy of daughtersWe had such a fun Halloween carving pumpkins and trick-or-treating around the block. Piper was really into getting candy from the neighbors and adamantly thanked each one of them for her treats. The holiday’s get more fun each year! I love having little ones to share the fun with!

family costumes

It wasn’t until this weekend when we were taking down our Halloween decorations that I realized we hadn’t shared our Halloween story this year. So this may be a little late but better late then never… and besides it keeps the season going a bit longer. Can’t wait until next Halloween when Kenzie understands what is going on too. 🙂

xo- Alia

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