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9 Days Apart


9 days apart

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Shayne:: Headband: Baby Bling Bows // Romper: Old Navy // Undershirt: Carters || Kenzie:: Headband: Baby Bling Bows //Sweater: Baby Gap // Romper: Koala Baby

We are incredibly blessed to have our children so close in age! It was such a nice surprise to find out that we were pregnant the first time, only about a month apart, but then to find out that we were pregnant AGAIN only DAYS apart…It was almost unbelievable!

Experiencing this crazy thing called motherhood with a close friend is what most new moms dream of, and something that we DO NOT take for granted!

Just 9 days apart, Kenzie and Shayne are fascinated by each other. They lock eyes, smile and giggle. It is so fun to watch them grow and learn the world around them. Every chance we have to get our baby girls together we enjoy every minute and they seem to as well. It is so special to have Kenzie and Shayne days apart and Piper and Kolton only weeks apart, we couldn’t have planned it better if we tried!

The day together wouldn’t be complete without the babies posing for some insanely cute photos (bias, we know)!

xo- Alia & Danielle

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