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Kenzie: 6 Months!

DSC_0054.JPGIt is amazing to me how fast the first six months of Kenzie’s life have flown by! Sure… some moments felt intensely s.l.o.w. with her colicky tendencies, especially the first three months, but overall these last six months were FAST. DSC_0061.JPG

Kenzie is an amazing little baby with a huge personality. She giggles every time her sister comes near her, is fascinated by other babies and is incredibly observant. Kenzie will sit unassisted (with me right next to her) for more then a minute. Piper was crawling before she sat up on her own so I’m pretty excited to experience the sitting stage!  I can’t keep her on her back she rolls so quickly, she is starting to push up onto her hands and knees getting ready to crawl.DSC_0054.JPG

It all goes so fast!

DSC_0370.JPGThe six month mark is a big milestone. A lot of firsts come around six months. One of the biggest is starting solids. We introduced Kenzie to her first solid food on her 6 month birthday, Sunday November 22nd, just in time for Thanksgiving! We started her with apple puree I made from freshly picked apples from a nearby orchard. DSC_0371.JPGDSC_0372.JPG


Kenzie wasn’t too sure what to think about food. Her face says it all. 🙂 You can find the Apple Baby Food recipe HERE.

For Thanksgiving we are going to give Danielle’s Sweet Potato Recipe a try!


The other big change is the transition from the bassinet to the crib in her OWN room. I think this one is harder for me then her. I love having her close so I know she’s safe. Even though her room is just across the hall from my room, I can hear her without a monitor, it is still a change I have a hard time getting used to. When she wakes up around 2 or 3am I have been bringing her back to the bassinet but need to break the habit.


DSC_0141.JPGWe have been experimenting with different sleep swaddles and sacks, trying to find the perfect one for Kenzie. Every baby is different and every stage a new technique seems to work better then others. I wish we had discovered the Arms Only Swaddle Strap from Anna and Eve a few months ago! This swaddle strap seems to be break out proof! When Kenzie’s arms can’t get free and startle her she sleeps so much better. She doesn’t roll in her crib yet but once she does (I have a feeling it is coming soon) unfortunately we won’t be able to use this strap anymore.


I can hardly remember what life was like before Kenzie came into it. I am completely in love with her. She makes our family complete. I look forward to waking up each day to see what she will do next, watch her learn the world around her, and interact with her big sister.

Kenzie, you are loved beyond comprehension!

xo- Alia (Mommy)


Kenzie’s 6 month check up stats: 16 pounds (52nd %) 27.5 inches (97th %!) Growing perfectly on track and tall 🙂


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