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Tiny Dancer

toddler ballet Three is such a fun age that opens up all sorts of new opportunities. Piper started dance class at The YMCA a couple months ago (just before her birthday) and she absolutely loves every second of it. The first day she was so excited to be a little dancer!ballet shoestiny dancertiny dancers

The class is a 45 minute class, half ballet and half tap, insanely affordable and a great program. In addition to being a super fun thing for Piper to do, dance helps teach listening skills, it stimulates brain and body connection and is adorable to watch.  I am very impressed with the classes the YMCA offers for toddlers.

Tap class

ballet class

At the end of the 10 week session they put on a little performance, but nothing too big where the kids would get nervous in front of an audience. It was perfect for Piper.

YMCA dance class

My husband, Kenzie and I watched and were so proud of her! She looked like she was having the time of her life!KenzieKenzie was very intently observing all the little dancers.

toddler tap dance

For every class you participate in and finish the YMCA gives each kid a shiny class specific medal. Piper is beyond proud of her growing collection! She now has 2 medals, one from dance and one from soccer.

DSC_0151 dance medal

I already signed Piper up for the next session of dance class she loved it so much!

xo- Alia

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