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Oh Christmas Tree :: A Family Tradition

sullivan family 2015The holidays are here and it’s the happiest time of year! It is also the busiest! I often get wrapped up in all the things that need to get accomplished for the Christmas Season and end of the year work responsibilities. I try really hard not to loose sight of what is most important, it isn’t the presents that need to be bought, wrapped and gifted, {although I love giving gifts!} its not the decorations that go up and the endless holiday parties to attend, it is family. Family means the world.. family is my end all be all.

DSC_0288DSC_0295To start the holiday season off right our family sets out to find the perfect tree at Peacock Tree Farm in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I’ve joined the Sullivan family every year since I started dating Pat for this fun filled tradition. I have loved doing it since the very first year, 15 years ago(!!) as high school sweethearts holding hands throughout the trees and now married with two beautiful little girls, it was the best year yet!



First off, the Santa Cruz mountains are beautiful. Hiking through the different fir trees with the view of the hill side is amazing. I have always appreciated the extraordinary scenery growing up minutes from this location. Now that it is an hour + drive I didn’t take a minute in the hills for granted.

DSC_0392DSC_0650The tree cutting is a full event, we don’t just get a tree stick it on the car and leave, the day includes a full picnic complete with hot cider for the kids and mimosas for the adults. The whole Sullivan family comes, we picnic first then set out to cut our trees and reconvene for more picnicking and cocktails while the kids run around and play together. It is something I look forward to every year, rain or shine. This year we got lucky the weather couldn’t have been better. DSC_0528

Tree cutting is the perfect way to start the season of giving. I love every second of this ongoing tradition. Every year is more fun then the last. As my kids grow I have so much fun sharing these traditions with them. This will be Kenzie’s first Christmas and was her first time at the tree farm, she stayed awake the whole time and loved observing everything going on.


We found the perfect tree pretty fast this year…we decided to get a big tree this year since our home has the room for it. We just didn’t realize how big it was until we got home later that night! Things don’t look quite as large when you are on a huge mountain! 🙂 I mentioned it is big… 15 FEET big. Ummm yeah, that’s what happens when you give your husband final say on the tree. I love it! and I love him! The tree is truly beautiful and smells like Christmas. {I’ll post tree photos soon I promise!}



This is the season to remember what is the most special to you. Spend time with family and loved ones and enjoy the little things. It’s not about gifts, it is about moments spent together. I need to figure out how to teach this to my children. Piper is very into the idea of getting presents, but what 3 year old wouldn’t be. As I grow older every year seems to go faster and faster. When I get stressed out over things I remind myself to step back, breath, and look at all the beauty around me. I am so lucky to be here with my family and will always remember these special moments together. DSC_0646

Happy Holidays!

xo- Alia

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