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Kenzie: 7 Months!

This last month has been a big one for Kenzie! My little peanut is 7 months old! Her personality is really starting to develop. She gets shy and snuggles into me making me feel like the most important person in the world. She leans into her Daddy to give him hugs and big open mouth kisses. Kenzie is sitting up all by herself, which is such a fun stage I missed out on with Piper since she was crawling before sitting up on her own. She grabs at absolutely everything, being able to sit on her own makes playing with her toys lots of fun!


DSC_0292Kenzie got her first two teeth, the bottom two in the front pooped through about two weeks ago around the same time she decided she was no longer going to eat solid food. She’s had apple puree, sweet potatoes, avocado, banana and a taste of persimmon. She seemed to be getting the hang of opening her mouth when the spoon came near and swallowing, the whole eating deal…then she got a bad cold. A runny noise and a bad cough that kept her up all night and is still lingering, ever since she refuses to eat solid food all together. I’ve tried daily but she just spits it out and screams. Luckily she is still nursing and can get all the nutrients she needs from breast milk for now so I’m not too worried yet.


The cutest milestone this month has been her new ability to wave hello and goodbye. It is the most adorable thing ever! She was quite impressed with herself and so are we! We were lucky enough to catch her very first waves on video. The video is a little dark but it’s the first wave so I treasure it!  See it HERE:)


Kenzie and Piper are quickly becoming best friends. Watching them interact and play together is the best. They both light up when they see each other. I’m so happy they have one another to grow up with. A sister is a special thing.


My girls light up my life and are loved beyond words. Each month with Kenzie and Piper is better then the last with new milestones and surprises, they keep me on my toes. They are two completely different people on different schedules and I love every second spent with them.

xo- Alia

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