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Teething with Minted Lane

Any parent will tell you that teething can be a complete nightmare! As much as we look forward to seeing little ones smile with those first teeth and them being able to chew their food, the process of those tiny, sharp objects puncturing our baby’s skin can be excruciating! And adding in the extra sleepless nights that we as parents have to face during those times just creates more everyday parenting struggles.

We are constantly looking for new ways to soothe our babies’ sore gums without having to add any unnecessary medicine or chemicals to their bodies. When we discovered the fabulous teething necklaces from Minted Lane, we had to try them.

While many companies make teething necklaces and other teething products, it can be difficult finding ones that us moms enjoy wearing as well. Minted Lane has handmade teething products to suit any mom’s style and work wonders for a teething baby in the process.

Their silicone teething beads are BPA-free, PVC-free and Phthalates-free; no lead, cadmium and heavy metals. They have a silky cord made of nylon, which is very durable and dries quicker. This is a great bonus since baby will definitely slobber while chewing on them. There is also a breakaway safety clasp, in case your baby tugs too hard. Not to mention, they have so many fabulous colors and designs to choose from.

Shayne was immediately grabbing for the necklace and putting it in her mouth. With her two bottom teeth making their debut, this necklace has been very helpful and was obviously providing her with some relief.


And Kenzie cannot stop smiling when she has her teething necklace in her grasp. She loves the colors and the feeling of it on her tiny teeth.


Minted Lane sells more than just gorgeous teething necklaces. They also sell handmade bracelets and other fun and functional baby products.

To receive 20% off your purchase, use the code: 2BLONDEMAMAS at checkout at their Etsy shop HERE.


Danielle & Alia

This post made possible by Minted Lane.

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