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A Mini Adventure: Monterey, CA


This year one of my New Years resolutions is to travel more. This doesn’t mean to jump on a plane and head to Europe or Africa (although that does sound pretty exciting) I want to explore my surroundings and take little adventures as often as I can.


My family started the year off on New Years Day with our first spontaneous mini adventure of 2016 to Monterey. We’ve been to Monterey several times. Pat and I got married there and have made it a tradition to go back for our anniversary each year, with the exception of this last anniversary.. Kenzie was only a few weeks old and we were house hunting so it didn’t happened. It was fitting to head to Monterey for the weekend to start a new year where our married life began with our whole family.

It was a short little overnight trip but that didn’t matter, it felt good to get away from house hold chores and thoughts of work. We didn’t do anything that special. We walked around Old Fisherman’s Wharf and went to my favorite candy shop. You can’t go to Monterey without visiting We went appetizer hopping at some of the fun restaurants in the area, and hung out just the 4 of us, actually 5 of us, we brought our dog Tater too. We stayed at Casa Munras Hotel, it is dog friendly (!!) and within walking distance to Old Fisherman’s Wharf.


Monterey is a really cute, fun little town I’ll never get tired of visiting. As a matter of fact we will be going back soon for a Whale Watching adventure!

Here’s to 2016 and the first of many adventures!


Xo- Alia

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