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Kenzie: 8 Months!

DSC_0860Each month that goes by Kenzie gets cuter and cuter! I know I’m bias 🙂 She waves all day long and smiles from ear to ear. She is getting much more comfortable with other people and will be starting daycare next week! I’m excited for her to have the chance to play with other babies her age but nervous at the same time. It is bittersweet. I’m sad I can’t bring her to work with me anymore but she will have so much more fun at daycare.


 Kenzie grabs for absolutely everything in sight. From a sitting position she reaches over getting onto all fours, like she is going to crawl, then she falls onto her belly and gets stuck or rolls over. I think she’ll be crawling soon! Either that or she will skip crawling all together. She started pulling herself up on furniture!

 Kenzie has 3 teeth, 2 on the bottom and 1 on top. She went through a faze for a full four weeks where she refused to eat solid foods. Piper climbed onto a seat and started feeding her when I stepped away one day and like magic, Kenzie started eating again! Piper gets the best big sister award! 🙂 Kenzie is loving Yo-Baby Yogurt, banana and avocado. I’m still feeding her solids once a day.


Her giggles are infectious and her smile melts my heart.

Until next time!

Xo- Alia


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