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A Picnic In The Park with Anna & Eve














We got lucky with some great weather and decided to pack up our new Anna and Eve LifeChanger 3 in one Diaper Bags  to walk to the park for a play date with all 4 of our littles. Luckily one of the 2BlondeMamas has two double strollers so the babies got to ride together and the bigs did too. Both sets loved sitting next to each other for the short trek to the park. The conversation between Kolton and Piper mainly consisted of counting and spotting numbers on home address plates while the babies adorably cooed to each other. With Kenzie and Shayne newly sitting unsupported and eating more and more solids they joined in on a picnic with Kolton and Piper. We have never experienced a cuter picnic lunch! Kolton and Piper have always had a special friendship, though we haven’t had as many opportunities to get them together lately. Watching them play together as they grow has been so much fun for us as moms and we know they love it too! Now that the babies are 8 months old, they are starting to enjoy the park more. Hearing their giggles while they swing has to be the best noise ever!

Park dates are always fun with these 4 and we love getting out of the house to play with our littles! Parks don’t always have an easy place to change diapers, actually, they rarely do! It isn’t easy to gather the troops to find a bathroom for what turns into a not so quick diaper change. Anna and Eve’s LifeChanger Bag has a solution for this problem! A portable changing station built right into a diaper bag! It’s more then just a pad included in a diaper bag, it’s a full changing table you can easily use right on your lap, making those park changes so much easier!

We’ve partnered with Anna and Eve for a giveaway! To enter to win one of their 3 in 1  LifeChanger Bags comment below and head over to Instagram for another entry!

Good luck!

xo- Alia & Danielle




6 thoughts on “A Picnic In The Park with Anna & Eve

  1. This looks awesome, I would LOVE one of these! I just had my second baby and I am totally avoiding leaving the house with the kids because I dread changing diapers away from home!

  2. That looks awesome, I would LOVE one! I just had my second baby and I’ve been avoiding leaving the house with the kids because I hate changing diapers away from home.

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