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Making Babyhood More Comfortable with Bambella Designs

With Shayne and Kenzie being our second babies, most of what they have are hand-me-downs from their big brother and sister. This is especially the case with all of the large, and expensive, supplies that babies need in their first years. Such includes strollers, changing tables, sometimes cribs, carseats, highchairs, etc. I think that deep down, all moms can feel a little guilty that we don’t have the means to have everything brand new for them the way we did with our firsts.


We are always looking for fun ways to make these items THEIRS without dipping into their college tuition! It is also important for our babies to feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings, and sometimes a little color or soft fabric is just what they need to soothe their anxiety.

Bambella Designs, and Australia based company, has created beautifully designed universal liners for strollers, highchairs, carseats, changing mats, as well as soft playmats, shopping cart covers and so much more! Their products not only can come in a huge variety of patterns and designs, but are incredibly functional and easy to clean!



With Shayne’s top tooth just breaking through, she is always searching for something to chew on. What better than something comfortably placed around her mommy’s neck? Bambella Designs even has teething covered with these adorable and versatile teething necklaces.


We look forward to trying out more of their products. Their fun patterns and designs work for any family and any season!

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Thank you Bambella Designs for making this post possible.


Danielle & Alia

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