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Don’t Drop The Paci!

Both Kenzie and Shayne love their pacifiers much more then Piper and Kolton ever did. We kind of forced it on Kenzie because she was such a fussy newborn. For our sanity we needed something to help soothe her. It took several tries and numerous brands until we found the only pacifier she would take. Thank goodness! Now she loves her paci and we always have to have one close by.

Shayne liked hers from the first time we offered it to her. We even switched brands after a couple of months and she did not seem to notice. I guess we got pretty lucky there.

It can be incredibly frustrating when your baby spits his or her paci out onto the dirty floor at the grocery store, in the sandbox at the park, or worst of all in a public bathroom. Second to that, not being able to find it anywhere! Sometimes that pacifier is the only thing that will solve a meltdown. Sweet Ruby Co. has a solution for this very problem and as an added bonus it’s a stylish one!


Amy Maw is a mother of four little cuties, she was in need a solution for the frustrating lost pacifier issue. In 2008 after looking for something to solve the problem she decided to start Sweet Ruby Co. making a line of adorable braided pacifier clips and blankets with a clip that the pacifier could attach to. Her blankets are so soft and cuddly we love to hook them to our girls strollers so they don’t get lost. The Paci Clips are practical, cute and come in so many fun colors!

We love Amy’s products, Kenzie and Shayne do too!

We’ve partnered with Sweet Ruby Co. for a Giveaway! Enter to win 2 Paci Clips and a Paci Blanket for your little one and because you deserve something fun too you’ll get a braided leather key chain! To enter comment below, tell us your favorite thing about the Spring! For an extra way to enter head over to our Instagram page. The winner will be announced end of the day on Tuesday! Good Luck! xoxo


xoxo- Alia & Danielle

3 thoughts on “Don’t Drop The Paci!

  1. I love planting Spring flowers with my little boy! This Spring I will also get to enjoy making memories with my two month old twins!

  2. My favorite thing about spring is the beautiful trees and flowers and of course the warmer weather!

  3. My favourite part about spring is not having to put snow suits on the kids to go outside! Haha it’s the little things. Oh and the flowers of course 🙂

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