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A YumEarth Easter  

Since Piper and Kolton were born Easter has been full of traditions our families share together. Egg hunts and Easter crafts are on the top of our list once Spring comes around, and each year as the two of them grow it becomes more and more fun! We really started getting into Easter two years ago when Piper and Kolton were just one years old. They loved the colorful eggs then and now, at three, fully understand egg hunting. When they first started hunting the eggs were just right on the lawn, it is a lot more fun now hiding them in slightly more difficult spots, they get so excited at each egg they spot!

egg hunt

organic candyFeeding the minds of our children with as much wonder and fantasy as we can is a priceless thing. A simple egg hunt could mean the world to a three year old, brightening their day, putting smiles on their faces and that is what we live for. Easter would be missing something without a little candy treat hidden in the plastic Easter Eggs or in the baskets the bunny drops off while hopping through the neighborhood. We chose to give our kids candy we feel safe with, Yum Earth is a an amazing brand of all natural candy with no artificial anything! There aren’t many candy brands you can say that about, plus they are gluten free, nut free, and soy free. Allergy parents your mind can be set at ease with YumEarth’s delicious lollipops, gummy bears and jellybeans!

yum earth candythe loot

Piper and Kolton love pulling the treats from their eggs and we love that we don’t have to say “no” to them when they ask if they an have one!

yum earth candyorganic candy


We’ve partnered up with YumEarth for a GIVEAWAY! To enter comment below and tell us what YumEarth candy you’d like to try! For another chance to win head over to our Instagram page.

Good Luck and Happy Easter!!

gummy bears

xo- Alia & Danielle


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  1. We love Yum Earth Products because they are honest and a product I feel good about giving to my three and five year old. We keep very little candy in our house but we do buy yum earth because we know they aren’t like any other candy company.

  2. I would love to try the yum earth gummy bears!! Looks delicious. I also entered on IG @justicekeri

  3. The yum earth gummy bears would be my choice. We love gummies in my house!
    (Not sure my 1st comment went thru)
    @justicekeri on IG

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