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Hunting For Eggs :: Veterans Memorial Park

VWF Egg HuntWe were pretty disappointed we couldn’t make it to our traditional Egg Hunt at Almaden Lake Park this year with the Wahlstroms, we had soccer obligations and a preschool tour to attend. My husband and I love bringing Piper to egg hunts so I did a quick search to see if there were any that would work with our always busy schedule. I was excited to find one the day before Easter here in Hollister, just minutes from our house!

We arrived at the Egg Hunt at Veterans Memorial Park not knowing what to expect. There wasn’t very much information about it online. The park has several baseball fields, three fields had dyed hard boiled eggs scattered through the grass, each for a different age group. Piper is 3 so she was in the first group consisting of children ages 2-4. We waited around the perimeter for them to blow the horn instructing the kids to run out and grab as many eggs as they could.

Hollister Ca Egg Hunt.jpg

Piper didn’t hesitate to run as fast as she could to collect as many eggs as possible. She loved hunting through the grass, it was just tall enough that the eggs weren’t completely visible making it a little more challenging. She was able to find a descent amount of eggs filling her basket making her one happy kid!

Baby 1st Easter

Toddler Egg HuntKenzie loved watching all the kids running for the eggs and playing with the eggs Piper found afterwards.

Hollister Egg Hunt

Once all the eggs were found there was an announcement to look at the eggs in your basket, if you had any eggs that were marked with dollar signs you were to bring them to the prize table. Piper got one egg with a dollar sign and was given an actual dollar! She was ecstatic! Some of the older kids on the other fields got giant Easter Baskets filled with balls and other fun toys. The prizes brought a whole new level of excitement to the traditional egg hunt, they were an unexpected surprise.

Egg hunt Hollister ParkVWF 2016 Egg Hunt

We’d like to thank all the local Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9242 and Ladies Auxiliary chapters who volunteered there time and money to make this amazing event possible. It was more then we hoped for! We’ve lived in Hollister for about eight months now and every day are more impressed with the communities family oriented activities. This was such a fun event to bring the kids to and it was free! We can’t wait to go back again next year!




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