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A Sullivan Easter

DSC_0501This year was an extra special Easter. We had an amazing time hosting Easter brunch for almost the whole family. (Cori you were missed lots and lots!!) We had family spend the night the night before giving Easter morning an extra punch of excitement for our kids! Holidays spent together are the best kind.

DSC_0495When we all woke up Piper sprang up (she came into our bed that night) and yelled “Happy Easter!” Once we made it downstairs she was surprised to see there were no baskets on the kitchen table; in past years the Easter Bunny had left her a basket in the kitchen. This year the Easter Bunny hid the kids baskets out in the back yard. I’d never heard of the idea until my sister-in-law suggested it on Easter morning. It was such a great idea. After the kids found their baskets among the flowers we spent the morning looking through them enjoying coffee and a little candy outside. Candy for breakfast is aloud on holidays. We will definitely carry on this new tradition in the years to come; it makes total sense that a bunny would leave your gift basket outside where he hops around, right?! DSC_0318Piper’s little face was filled with pure excitement and joy when she went to see if the Easter Bunny left her something outside!

The Easter Bunny brought books this year we have are enjoying daily! Books in the kids baskets is also going to be an ongoing tradition. I love adding to the kids library and keeping them excited with new stories.

When I was a little girl we always spent Easter with a group of close family friends alternating houses each year. It was always so much fun. This year brought back so many childhood memories of Easter. Especially when all the kids lined up at the door waiting for it to open so they could run out and hunt for all the surprise filled plastic eggs. Piper is at the perfect age for all the festivities and having cousins close in age to share them with is priceless.


The kids were pretty goofy waiting for the egg hunt to begin!

All the kids had a great time fun hunting for eggs. We hid some extra hard for the oldest, a and Kenzie, only 10 months old, had her play own mat in the middle of the hunting grounds with eggs filled with puffs. She loved shaking them, once she figured out there was food inside she wouldn’t let them go. 🙂

We loved having the family over and hosting Easter! We took about a million group photos. Maybe 3 of them turned out ok, everyone was being so silly. Could have been the wine for adults and candy for the littles!  Unfortunately we didn’t think to take photos while my side of the family was still with us. Next time we will have to take the group photos first! Lesson learned. Here are a few for our Sullivan family album.

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I’d have to say the day was a success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. It is so nice to have the space to entertain! We made the right choice moving to a home we can host holidays and events in! I love having family with us!



To my family in Illinois, you are all welcome to come visit any time, and I hope you do!!

Happy Spring!

xo- Alia

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